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Welcome to Natalie's APLA Health Fundraiser

Natalie Ramos

Natalie Ramos

Dear family and friends,

Thanks for your support! I’m participating in this year’s AIDS Walk Los Angeles, a 10K fundraising walk, to raise money for APLA Health.

I joined the APLA Health Board of Directors this year to get more involved in vital community health efforts. APLA Health provides robust services to Angelenos living with HIV/AIDS AND also provides a wide range of preventive care, primary care, mental health, and even dental services for all. APLA Health provides these high quality services to diverse communities, including some with few other health centers.

As your may know, HIV/AIDS now disproportionately affects gay men of color and, especially, transwomen of color. New HIV infections have declined steadily thanks in large part to improvements in preventive measures and to increased access to care through centers like APLA Health. It is vital that we continue to support these community health efforts!

Please consider donating to APLA Health and supporting me in this event. Every donation helps - no amount is too small. Thank you for considering!


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