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Delaney O'Dea

Delaney O'Dea

I’m participating in this year’s AIDS Walk Los Angeles, a 10K fundraising walk to fight the epidemic. Thank you for considering a donation! Every dollar we raise helps APLA Health stop new infections and support people living with HIV/AIDS.


raised of $150 goal

Recent Donations

1. Patty Ander
2. Daryl Garcia
3. Eileen Needham
4. Rob Lofaro
So very proud of you Delaney!
5. Peggy Ander
In honor of our brother, Christopher Joseph. He's been an angel for 27 years!!
6. Kathleen Daboush
Our brother, Christopher Ander, passed away from AIDS 27 years ago, on September 4, 1992. Delaney, it is an honor to support you as you participate in AIDS Walk Los Angeles. Our light has gone out, but his memory lingers on. A big "Thank You" to you on behalf of the Ander family!
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Team John Adams Middle School - 0591