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We Can End AIDS!

Cathy Brown

Cathy Brown

Dear Friends and Family,

Most of you know that I have committed many years of my career to philanthropic work and it has all been extremely motivating and memorable in my life. As I turn the page on 65 on July 27, 2019, I can think of no better birthday gift than a donation to my Big Hairy Audacious Goal of $6,500. $6,500 will provide more than 1,000 mobile health clinic visits in Malawi or will result in 100 youth receiving HIV counseling and testing. We have the tools to finally conquer HIV and I would love to see the end of the disease in my lifetime. I have spent many years in the field and we are at a very exciting and critical juncture-- we just need more $$$$. Please join me in celebrating this milestone year and in working to end AIDS within both our life times! I will be most grateful and can think of no better tribute.

My sincerest appreciation.


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What dedication you have shown to the AIDS fight, Cathy! Hoping 65 is an amazing year!
6. Dom & Sherri
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