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Alex Medina

Alex Medina

Since 1983, APLA Health has worked to maintain its position as the established leader in serving people living with HIV, the LGBTQ community and the underserved. The organization has been able to progress the fight for change through an enduring commitment to advocacy, equality and life.

APLA Health provides services to individuals throughout Los Angeles County. From HIV support services, HIV specialty care, HIV prevention programs, and primary medical care; they are using research and data to reduce the number of new HIV infections and end the epidemic.

Please consider supporting me and the work of APLA Health with a donation to AIDS Walk Los Angeles.

Some numerical highlights of the upcoming year:

• Number of Patients / Clients to be served: 18,323
• Number of Primary Medical Care Patients with HIV/AIDS: 2,000
• Total Clinical Patients: 12,323
Primary Medical Care: 9,682
Dental Care: 3,157
Behavioral Health: 1,060

• Total Clinical Visits: 50,389

• Total Prevention and HIV Access Clients: 6,000

• Clients & Patients – LGBTQ: 65%
• Clients & Patients – People of Color: 73%


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