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West Hollywood Cheerleaders - 1198

West Hollywood Cheerleaders - 1198

The West Hollywood Cheerleaders are committed to two simple tenets in HIV prevention: 1) when we love and accept who we are we make smarter health decisions and 2) by removing HIV stigma we will be more willing to get tested, seek treatment, and talk openly with sexual partners.

To achieve zero new transmissions we advocate PrEP treatment for those who are sexually active and to strive for an undetectable viral load for those living with HIV. Recent studies have confirmed that HIV positive people with an undetectable viral load do not spread the virus.

With your support we can end HIV in this lifetime. Every dollar you donate goes directly to our HIV prevention and educational programs.



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1. Nacho & Manyee
From all of us, especially Kona & Callum!
2. Sunnie Rose
Thank you for all you do for so many, on so many levels and for so many causes!
3. Paige Audia
4. Lisa Pope DVM
Always happy to support you and your causes. Thanks for being you.
5. Gloria Hole
6. Carole Ross