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Team Troy - 8857

Team Troy - 8857

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Every year, my family and I raise money in memory of Troy Longest, who passed away in 2004, and to support those still affected by HIV / AIDS.

Any amount, even 5 dollars, makes a difference and means so much to us.

You also welcome to join in the walk on October 20th. It's a day full of love, remembrance, and togetherness. I highly recommend it!

Thank you for your time and consideration!

For a little more about my Uncle Troy, I wrote a little something below:

Troy Longest (February 22, 1965 - February 14, 2004). There will never be enough words to describe this man. And there would have never been enough time with someone as special as Troy.

Painter, Artist, Performer, Lover, Brother, Friend,
Son — he was brilliant at every one.

Every year, memories of Troy linger as we remember him.

When I think of him, I see the multi-colored spots of paint that covered his fingers. I still smell the cigarette smoke and dust he would have on him after a long night at work. I hear his voice as he would sing to us or say something clever that would make the whole room laugh. Most of all, I remember how, in spite of everything, he never lacked passion.

Troy laughed loud, loved hard, and radiated life into every place he walked in. That's how my family and everyone who loved him will remember him.

I think if we all tried to be a little more like Troy, the world would feel a little bit brighter. That is what I strive to do every day.

"Wonder of wonders, miracle of miracles"
It will always be a wonder why we had to lose you so soon, but what a miracle it was that we had you at all.


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