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It's Andy Appleton's page yo!

Andy Appleton

Andy Appleton

Hey guys, or gals, or trans folk, or non gender specific persons.
Here we go again, yet another year walking for AIDS related charities for #TEAMWICKED.
It's UNBELIEVABLE to me that our beloved team has raised over $100K (over the last 6 years) and EVEN MORE unbelievable that everyone on our team looks exactly the same ....apart from me! Long story short, I have aged 1000 yrs over the last 6 years & therefore deserve ALL of your donations! #OldAsFuck


raised of $1,000 goal

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1. Anonymous
You are far more awesome than Brad!
2. Anonymous
3. Marc Hodgson
Excellent work as always. Good luck.
4. Matt Kidde
5. Andrew P Appleton
6. Lon
In honour of your trouble
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