AIDS Walk LA helps to raise much needed funds for APLA Health and 20 other AIDS support agencies. Without the money from the walk, thousands of people in Southern California would go without health care, shelter and food. Many would end up hungry and homeless, with nowhere to turn. I'm excited to once again join the ABC7's team effort! 2018 was the third year that we asked people who use our hashtag, #abc7eyewitness, to join us on the walk. We had our largest team ever! It is incredibly heartwarming to meet such dedicated members of the community who are willing to give up their Sunday to walk with Team ABC7 Disney. Here's some exciting news... we now have the tools to end the HIV/ AIDS Epidemic. The end is within sight especially now with the science backed messaging of Undetectable = Untransmittable. The out dated information and the stigma that still surrounds HIV, coupled with the high cost of medications in this country are what keeps HIV thriving! We can change that! Will you help me on my journey? In this difficult political climate, and with the future of low-cost health care in jeopardy, the need for funds is more dire than ever. I'm counting on your generosity to help me reach my goal. Thank you!