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Joy Walks Again

Joy Turek

Joy Turek

Indeed, it's that time again. Fall is in the air and the AIDS Walk is just a few weeks away. Please help me raise a mere $1000 so I don't have to walk a very long mile to my car after I've walked 6+ miles to raise awareness and funding for AIDS services to those living with HIV. (With $1000 you get a crown and a parking space!)

AIDS is rarely in the news anymore but it's still a scourge in the world. I regret having to ask again but please donate to stop AIDS, not just to get me a parking space.

I hope my humor isn't offensive but the AIDS Walk started in 1985 and I've walked every year. Some of you have donated every year, too, and for that I am incredibly grateful and proud to know you.

With love and respect,


raised of $1,000 goal

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Love you joy. ❤️

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