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Andrew Holinsky

Andrew Holinsky

I’m participating in this year’s AIDS Walk Los Angeles, a 10K fundraising walk to fight the epidemic. Thank you for considering a donation! Every dollar we raise helps APLA Health stop new infections and support people living with HIV/AIDS.


raised of $2,500 goal

Recent Donations

2. The Front Yard @ The Garland
We all miss Terry hear @ The Garland ! Thanks for keeping his spirit alive. xo, Scott
3. Jeanette & Tim Yungerman
Terry was a huge part of our lives. He was our brother. Terry never stopped working to fight HIV/Aids even though he was suffering from this terrible disease. We will never forget you Terry! Your spirit will go on! We love you, Jeanette & Tim Yungerman
4. Newel & Rosemary Alexander
Thank you Andrew! Dr Terry deserves remembering.
5. Del Shores
RIP Terry. Loved that man!
6. Melanie Ronning
Thank you, Andrew, for continuing to do this! Love the photo! Melanie

Team Grand - 4064