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Amber Celaya

Amber Celaya

I’m participating in this year’s AIDS Walk Los Angeles, a 10K fundraising walk to fight the epidemic. Thank you for considering a donation! Every dollar we raise helps APLA Health stop new infections and support people living with HIV/AIDS.


raised of $50 goal

Recent Donations

1. Claire Gaestel
2. Ender-Palmer Family
We are so proud that our Niece Amber is a part of this Foundation.
3. Jessica Coogan
4. John Barrier & Alain Reno
Thanks for all that you do for such a worthy cause!
5. Sherry Somer
On the anniversary of Amber's Uncle Bob, who died of AIDS on October 6, 1991, we, Amber's parents, donate $100 to a cause that lies deep within our hearts. We are honored and proud that our lovely daughter has chosen such a worthy organization in which to work. Her Uncle Bob is smiling down from the heavens. Thank you APLA for your unwavering love and support.
6. Amber Celaya
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Team APLA Health - 0611